Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jackson's stats

Here's the info from today. Jackson weighs 14 pounds and 1/2 ounce. He is still just over 24 inches long, so he's not getting a whole lot longer. Honestly I'm convinced they just don't know how to measure height on babies because it seems like sometimes they won't have grown at all, or even gotten shorter according to the dr.'s records, which is so not possible. Anyway, all is well and he handled his shots great. Cried when he got them, and stopped literally the instant I was holding him again. He's been his usual smiley self all day, even though you can tell his legs are a little sore.
Emma is 46 inches tall and 40something pounds now. I honestly forgot, and they have stopped writing her info down on a sheet for me. Having 4 kids really does wreck your brain. Anyway, she's in the 57th percentile for height and the 52nd for weight, so she is healthy and proportionate, which are the two things that really matter.
So it was a good visit and all is well for the time being here in our camp!

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  1. Good to hear! Juan goes for his 2 month shots Tuesday...I may cry with him!!