Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yay and boo

Yay for having two awesome partylite shows this weekend! A huge thank you to my hostesses and to all their guests that helped to make both shows successful. Also a big thank you to those ladies that booked new shows with me. I'm so excited about them, and can't wait to help you earn lots of great free stuff.

Boo, for the van having "issues" again. We just replaced the battery this summer, but Saturday on my way to my show, it started acting weird. The radio kept going off and then coming back on, and then all the electronic displays started flashing. Thankfully I made it to the show safely, and Holly's husband came over to look at the van. He says he thinks the alternator went out. He charged up the battery in the van so I could make it home, and I did thank goodness. Sean has been taking things apart on the van all day trying to make sure it really is the alternator that is bad. No sense in replacing $190 part if that's not the problem. So far we can't find anything else that is wrong though, so Sean is taking the alternator off the van tonight, and is going to have Autozone test is tomorrow. Why is it I feel like we are always fixing something on the van?

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  1. I'm glad you made it to you destinations safely! Good Luck!!!