Tuesday, September 9, 2008

26 weeks

Had my dr. appointment today, and all is well. The scale was not as nice as I'd hoped, but it was still better than the past couple of months, which is what I was hoping for. I also got my orders for the lab to get my gestational diabetes test done. This time they actually gave me the crappy drink to dirnk at home and then just drive to the lab and get my blood drawn. In the past I had to go to the lab, sign in, drink the drink, and then sit there for an hour bored to death, and then get my blood drawn. I'm so excited I don't have to sit in the lab bored for an hour this time. Yay!

Today was also my first ever live Partylite show. It went pretty well, and I felt I did ok. I found it hard to cover all the items I had without just jumping from piece to piece. I guess I need some more tips on making my show flow better. I do have a dvd I need to watch again of a show demo, and maybe that will help. I also didn't get another show booked from today, but it's not like I want to hound people about it or make it a huge issue. I just need to learn some better tricks to get people to want to book. I'm stil happy I had a good show, but there are always things to work on to make my business better and more successful.

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