Monday, September 29, 2008


I have lots of things to post about, so I'm just lumping it all together here.
Tonight I had my 29 week appointment. All is well, except that I'm a big fatty. No the doctor didn't say that, but I am. Thankfully everything else is perfectly normal, so I am just gaining a lot of weight for whatever reason. The baby was really active and had a heart rate a little higher than it has in the past, but nothing abnormal. I also found out I passed my gestational diabetes test. YAY! Now I can continue eating carbs and sugar. YIPPEEE! I go back in two weeks, which is totally freaking me out, because it means I'm nearing the end. Yes, I realize pregnancy ends in a baby, and I'm definitely ready for the baby to be in my arms instead of my stomach, but I always get a little freaked at the end thinking about it all. Only 11 weeks to go!
A couple of weeks ago Nathan had his annual firehouse field trip with school. He of course loved climbing all over the trucks and spraying the hose. The field trip is kind of funny because they take the kids on a tour of the firehouse and show the kids where the fireman eat, sleep and go to class, but that always do that first, and you know all the kids can think about is getting to climb on the turcks and spraying the hose.

Yesterday was Sean's company family day. This year was at Six Flags. It was a really long day for me, but everyone had fun. I was bummed I couldn't ride anything except the train. :( But Nathan rode the Screaming Eagle and the Mine Train with Sean. He was a little freaked out on the ride, according to Sean, but clearly loved it because he kept asking for more. Emma also rode thunder river and the log flume with Sean and Nathan. She and Nathan also rode a couple of the kid rides they have. Emma is clearly the more anxious and tentative child. I'm hoping for her sake she outgrows it so she doesn't miss out on a lot of fun things in life.

Aside from all that my new partylite business has kept me pretty busy. I had a pretty good first month, and am working on building up my business and learning new things. I really love it so far, and that is what really matters. I can't imagine working at a job I hate.

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  1. I am so glad you past your GD test! And I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU HAVE ONLY 11 WEEKS TO GO! WOW!

    Sorry we couldn't hang out at Six Flags on Sunday. It was a packed day for us too.

    Hopefully we can all hang out soon!