Friday, March 14, 2008

pictures from Florida

I'm so sorry there are so many pictures. Even after looking through the pictures several times there were still so many pictures of htings I wanted to share with everyone. It took me a couple hours just to get them all uploaded, so you better enjoy! I am so glad I had my awesome new camera or I would have missed so much. Thanks Sean!


  1. Those are wonderful! Oncea again I am jealous and totally can't wait to get Chloe there. (How old was Nathan?) I am just wondering if we can go sooner than we think. Also did you guys ride all the themed rides like Peter Pan, Snow White, etc. Besides the Dumbo ride was Megan able to do those. Ahh, I should just email

  2. Nathan is 3, but we told them he was 2 so he was free. Such a bad example to set. He had a great time and loved seeing all the character. Anyway, Peter Pan was closed and the kids didn't want to ride snow white. Megan was able to do more than we thought she would. A lot of rides said they were ok if they were over 12 months. Email me if there is more you want to know.

  3. Awww, the pictures are great! I loved them! Look at the kids' faces, how sweet! I love the one in the car (after Magic Kindom, I'm assuming) with their ears and they are KNOCKED out. Must have been a busy day! haha

    Now I'm even more excited about my trip there in July! =D