Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anniversary trip

Since this November will be our 5th anniversary and we never got a real honeymoon, Sean and I are wanting to take a big vacation without the kids. We honestly can't decide what kind of trip we want. Since it wil be November, the beach or a carribean cruise sounds nice, but I've always wanted to go to a snowy mountain cabin and just hole up for the weekend, or even a bed and breakfast in Missouri would be fine. We've even talked about Vegas, or somewhere in California. I thought about New York since I've never been, but our anniversary is thanksgiving weekend, so it would be crazy busy there with the Macy's parade. I do want to go to New York for that one year, but that's something we want to take the kids to. The other half of the decision is we are talking about baby #4 sometime in the near future and how pregnant I might be in November will definitely affect where we can go. We also have to consider cost because it's not like we're made of money. A lot of the places we've looked at are similar in cost, which makes ruling some out a difficult thing. Any suggestions on a relaxing, semi-romantic, affordable anniversary trip?


  1. Colorado would be beautiful that time of year--well its always beautiful but especially during the late fall. Also, arizona is always beautiful

  2. Dave and I loved Mexico. We didn't go in November, but I am sure it will still be beautiful. And we went for under 800 per person for 6days. We loved it! We have always wanted to go to Jamacia too. My vote is tropical!

  3. We went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee last year for my Grandpa's wedding and I'm sure it would be beautiful in November. There are a lot of cabins that you can rent in the Smoky Mountains that have beautiful views. Just something I thought you might want to look into!