Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tons of birthdays

Let's start with Sean's Birthday, which was Wednesday. Yes, I'm a bad wife and didn't post anything about his birthday on the actual day, but he's 35 now (eek!), so I don't think he's super obsessed with his birthday anymore. Unfortunately, he was feeling pretty crappy on his birthday and he stayed home from work and laid around all day. I felt bad that he was semi-sick on his birthday, but he got some much needed rest so it all worked out.
On Thursday Megan turned 13 months old. She is learning so fast and is talking more all the time. She won't say things if you ask her to, but sometimes she just repeats what we say out of the blue. Her vocabulary now consists of "Dada, bye-bye, all gone, hi, moo, and sometimes mama". She is also learning lots of sign language, which helps her communicate what she wants since her talking is very selective. She is walking like a champ, which makes Sean and I very excited since we only have 10 days till our trip to Florida (see the ticker above for a countdown). I am also happy to report we are getting her to eat more an more real foods and relying less on breastfeeding to fill her up. She still wants to nurse a lot, but we are down to about 3 feedings a day, which is just fine with me when compared to the 5 or 6 and sometimes more, she was at a few months ago. I am just loving watching her grow and learn new things all the time.
Friday Sean's mom called to tell us Sean's sister had her baby. They had a little girl and both mom and baby were doing great. I asked Sean's mom to send us pictures when she can, so hopefully we can share those soon. Unfortunately, they live in South Dakota, so it will be a little bit before we can make a trip to see our new niece. Congratulations Kelly and Vince, we can't wait to meet her!
Today we had Emma's 5th Birthday party. We decided since she is turning 5 we would have a bigger party than usual for her. We rented a party room at a local community center that had an indoor pool. We had cake and Emma opened her presents and then the kids swam and played for almost 2 hours. I think everyone had a great time, and Emma was so happy to have all her friends and family there to celebrate with her. She is such a big girl now. I can remember every detail about the day we had her like it happened last week. Time is going by way to fast in our lives now. I got a lot of good pictures today from her birthday party and I promise I will add them soon.
Happy Birthday to all the February birthday buddies out there. We sure have a lot in our family. :)

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