Monday, February 11, 2008

Laura's wedding

As some of you already know, my really good friend from the 5th grade is getting married in May. I'm super excited for her, and she has asked me and Emma and Nathan all to be part of her special day. She came over one night to ask the kids and they are so excited about being in Auntie Laura's wedding. Emma and I went with Laura and Laura's aunt and her daughter, the other flower girl, to shop for dresses. We all agreed on one that is so cute on the girls. It is very similar to this dress.

That is the dress Laura had originally picked out, but after stopping in at strasburg children we all decided this dress was much cuter on the girls. I tried to add a picture, but their site won't let me. Laura has also decided to order material from the bridesmaids dress manufacturer to have sashes and hairbows made for the girls. If anyone knows of someone that will take material we have and make bows for the flower girls please let me know.
Laura did an awesome job picking out bridesmaids dresses. They are really cute and quite comfortable. I can't say thank you enough to Laura for not picking out something super tight that will make me feel uncomfortable and huge all day long!

I have to say I am slightly nervous about how the yellow is going to look on me with my pale skin, but I think it's a nice color and not banana yellow or anything obnoxious.
Laura has decided to let all of us pick out our own shoes as long as they are white. I like this since everyone has a different shoe preference, but I hate it because now I have to pick out shoes that I like that I think will look good. IT would be easier for me if Laura just said, "Here, these are your shoes for the wedding." I do know I don't want something with a major heel since the aisle is 147 feet long. Thanks for that Laura! I put in my request to walk with her older brother Lonny so that if I get tired he can just carry me.
I have no idea what tux exactly Nathan will be wearing, but we did find out they do carry sizes small enough for him to rent, so that makes me happy. Aren't we going to be so cute?

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