Sunday, May 20, 2007

chicago trip

ok, we've been back for a couple of days, but it's been crazy, so I finally have time to post some pictures.
On Monday I took the kids to a park downtown. They had two huge fountains that all the local kids were playing in. Emma and Nathan ran around like crazies, and Megan slept the whole time.

They both ended up soaking wet, but they had a great time.
Tuesday we didn't do much since we had to switch hotels and it rained all afternoon and evening. We also went to visit my family Tuesday evening, and I went to the hospital to see my cousin Linda. Thankfully she is just fine again. Here is a picture of our room at the House of Blues Hotel, which is where we stayed Sunday and Monday night.

Wednesday we went downtown to Navy Pier. Nathan rode the ferris wheel with dad, but Emma was too scared. Then they both rode the carousel. They loved the ride on the subway train, and of course Megan slept through most of it again.

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