Monday, February 5, 2007

2 weeks old

Wow! Megan is already two weeks old. The last couple weeks of pregnancy took so long, and now time is going by too fast! Megan's first week of life was filled with so much craziness that at least last week things calmed down. Sean went back to work, and things pretty much went back to normal at home. Megan is still doing really good. She wants to eat all the time during the day, but the trade off is most nights we get 4-5 hours of solid sleep. Last night we had Heather and Paul and James and Beth and their kids over to watch the game. Megan slept through it all. What an exciting first Super Bowl!
Today Megan had another dr. appointment just to check her weight. She is up to a whole 8 pounds and 1 ounce, which is just over her birth weight. So things are going well. She goes back in two more weeks for another check up and her first round of shots.
We've been so busy we haven't had much time to take more pictures. I did get her birth announcements done, so you should all be getting those in the mail soon.

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