Sunday, December 17, 2006

Emma & Nathan

Now that my life has been completely consumed by the new baby since I'm nearing the end of the pregnancy and preparing for the arrival of a new family member, I thought I should update everyone on what's been going on with our other little beasts.
Emma has decided that she is never going to learn anything because she never wants to go to school. I'm not really sure what is behind this decision since a few months ago she couldn't wait to go to school. We are working on letter recognition, still! I know it seems like she is behind, and I feel like she is, but I am convinced that this is a matter of will power and not a developemental issue. She simply refuses to retain any new information Sean and I try to give her. I'm afraid she's going to show up at preschool next fall and they are going to think I'm a horrible mother because of all that she doesn't know. If anyone has any advice that would be great.
Nathan is picking up things we are trying to teach Emma. His newest thing is right and left. I don't think he understands the signifigance of the difference between right and left, but he sure knows which foot is which! He has also made an important decision. He has decided that he is not really interested in learning to use the potty. I had such high hopes for him when he showed early interest in the potty since Emma used it, but the novelty wore off quickly and we are still at square one. I feel accomplished if I can get him to get on the potty more than a couple times a day. We have not even reached the point of actually using it regularly yet. Cheryl's mom helped out tremendously when Emma was potty training, so maybe a trip to Grandma Kathy's is in order for Nathan. Any advice in this department would be appreciated as well.
So, that's what is going on in our house. Both kids are very excited about the new baby. Emma more so than Nathan, though. I don't think Nathan really knows what to expect, or has any idea how life will change for him. Everyone say a prayer that we all adjust easily.

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