Wednesday, December 27, 2006

36 weeks

Only 4 weeks to go! I had another dr. appointment today. He said everything looked fine. I actually lost weight since my last visit. I can't really explain how that happened, but I'm happy about it. He also did the group B strep test. Group B strep is basically a bacteria some women carry that can't do the mom any harm, but could cause an infection in the baby if you have the bacteria when you deliver. If you do have it they just give you an antibiotic during labor. So, it's no big deal, but I still hope I don't have it. One less thing to worry about! He also checked and I'm not dilated at all yet. Which is normal at 36 weeks. I'm hoping I won't make it to my due date simple because I feel crappy and am ready for it to be over, but I have no control over the situation, so we'll just play the wait and see game! I go back to the dr. in 1 week, so we'll update everyone then.

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