Thursday, October 6, 2011

family calendar

The kids are getting older, which means more and more activities are filling up our calendar.  Our small dry erase calendar just isn't cutting it anymore.  I can't fit all the things in on some of the days because it seems like everyone is going in a different direction.  I decided it was time to buy a bigger more organized calendar to keep up with everything that is going on.  I considered trying to make my own so it could be totally customized for our needs, but I decided to give one of these pre-made designs a shot for this year. I was torn between this calendar

and this one
Ultimately, I decided to go with the first one because I like being able to see our plans a month at a time, instead of by the week.  I have a feeling in a couple years I'm going to need the second type of calendar as we add more and more to our family schedule, but for now I'm hoping the calendar I chose works out for us. 
What kind of family calendar does everyone else use?  What do you love and hate about it?

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