Monday, September 28, 2009

and so it begins

The sickness that is. I put Emma and Nathan on the bus this morning and came back in and sat down to drink my coffee. Megan got up around 9 and shortly after the phone rang and it was school telling me Emma was in the nurses office complaining of a headache and had a low (99.6) fever. They said I should come get her since she didn't seem well at all, and a temp of 100 or higher requires the kids go home. So I got everyone dressed and drove the 5 minutes to school, and by the time I got there, Emma looked terrible. I think she really did get worse since I had talked to the nurse. She shivered the whole way home and kept saying how cold she was. She felt pretty warm to me, so I'm sure her fever is climbing, but she says she is really cold. She said her tummy hurts a little, but not bad. She looks terrible and i can tell feels even worse. She's watching a movie in her room, but I'm sure the damage is already done and we are all going to catch whatever she has. With all the media attention on the flu being so bad already, it's hard not to wonder if that is what she has, but unless her fever gets severely high, or she comes up with other symptoms/problems I don't really think it's worth it to call or take her to the doctor.
There is going to be lots of hand washing and laundry in the house for the next week or so, and we will try to stay home and not expose anyone to this nastiness.

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