Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Nathan

Yesterday Nathan turned 5, and he was convinced all day long that he would be starting kindergarten today. Imagine his disappointment when he realized we were serious that he had to wait until the end of summer to start kindergarten. I think he had a really good day though. My mom came over and stayed with Megan and Jackson while Sean and I took Nathan and Emma to see the movie "UP". It was such a cute movie and the kids had a good time. Nathan got scared of the mean dogs, but he's deathly afraid of dogs, so that wasn't too surprising. We didn't even get to have cake last night though because we had to hurry to leave when dinner was over and by the time we got home last night the kids were too exhausted to stay up for it. So I guess we'll have cake tonight. I'm a slacker mom and I didn't plan a big party for Nathan this year. I feel bad, really I do, but it was just impossible to fit it in with everything else that is going on. I really hope he won't hold it against us, and maybe later this summer we can have a belated party with everyone. There won't be presents involved then, but I think he cares more about being with everyone than the presents. My mom asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said, "Whatever people want to buy me." I was shocked because Emma always has a list a mile long when you ask what she wants.
As the kids get older time just moves faster and faster. It's so sad that they are getting so old, but I love watching them grow more independent and learn new things. Being a parent is so weird.
As always here are pictures form years past.

When he was born

His first birthday

His second birthday

His 3rd birthday

4 years old with a new bike!

and now he's 5!

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