Thursday, May 28, 2009

Product rave

I know I don't do it often, but I just have to share this awesome product with all the moms of babies and moms to be that read this. After 6 years and 4 kids, I think I have finally found the perfect nursing shirt! I will warn you it looks a little funny by itself, but the design makes it perfect as far as functionality. It's called the milkshirt:

Here is the description from the website:
"Made from 100% cotton these breastfeeding tops can be worn with a nursing bra and any regular shirt. There is no more need for other breastfeeding tops with their multi layers and snaps. Milkshirt breastfeeding tops allow you to wear your own clothing thus eliminating the need for pricey nursing tops."
They have a pear shaped opening that allows easier access to your nursing bra than a regular nursing shirt. Most nursing clothes I have purchased and wear have either two layers of shirt, or an extra layer at the top that you have to pull open and then pull another section of fabric over and then unclasp your bra. Anyone who has ever nursed a baby in public knows how much of a pain dealing with all that material is, especially when you're in a crowded restaurant and your baby is screaming and wants to eat 5 minutes ago. I recommend everyone that is nursing or will be nursing go buy one now! I bought mine online from, and they had incredibly fast shipping.
Happy Shopping!

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