Monday, July 21, 2008

18 months old

I feel like time is going by so fast, and yet Megan is advancing at such a slow rate, that each month brings nothing new to report. She is still not talking much, but trying to repeat more and more often. She is quite stubborn though and I'm pretty sure she can say way more than she's letting on. She loves to be read to, and some days I feel like that's all I do is read books, so it's not like she's not being exposed to things that would help her learn. She's just taking her time.

We have changed her crib into the toddler bed configuration now and she's doing great with it. No falling out or climbing out to play. She still cries every night at bed time, but she's always been a crier at bed time, no matter what we do. Please don't tell me I'm being awful letting her cry every night at bed time. It usually lasts less than two minutes, and she's not screaming or freaking out. I think it's how she winds herself down. Us going in there only makes it much worse.

She is also the child who is always crying at the store. She hates to be in the cart, but I can't stand to chase her around while trying to shop, and my belly is getting to big to comfortably wear her in any of the carriers we currently have. So she cries almost the entire time we are at the store, and I do my shopping pretending not to notice. Most women want to help or ask me if she wants something. I just tell them she's just my fit thrower, and really that's all it is. She throws fits way more often than Emma and Nathan ever did. Thank good ness she's my third child and not my first. IF she were my first I'd go crazy trying to please her. Now I know just to wait it out and she'll get over it quicker than if I try to fix it. So if you are ever in the grocery store and you see us, run the other way so you don't have to endure the crying.

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  1. Chloe too is a bedtime crier. No matter what we do she still cries when she is put in her bed. I have read the book everyone raves about (HBOTB) and nothing. I think Chloe is just like Megan there. She cries for a little bit and then she passes out.