Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Holy cow am I tired! This year I have taken spring cleaning to a new level. My mom came over yesterday and we steam cleaned the carpets. As my mom pointed out several times yesterday, "My house is just too damn big!" It took us 12 hours to clean all the carpet in the house. And we didn't take many breaks. I love how clean the house is now, though. While mom ran the machine I cleaned the windows and dusted all the furniture. Plus I had taken everything out of all the closet floors, so now I am reorganizing the way everything is stored. I hope this means our house will stay organized and picked up for a while, as I am not interested in redoing this any time soon. I remember when I was a kid and mom would clean all the carpets in our house. That was much better than doing my own house, because then I was sent outside to play and stay out of her way! I am glad we did it and our house looks great now. Thanks mom!!!

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